Access Control

McElwaine Security Services Ltd specialise in commercial and industrial electronic security solutions for public, private, national and international clients. The company currently offer all of our customers a complete security system and solution specific to their business, home or property needs. McElwaine Security Services Ltd pride ourselves on our ability to offer and provide a fully integrated advanced surveillance and monitoring security systems comprising of solution consultation and design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring.

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Access Control

Access Control systems can take many forms; Simple locks, proximity cards, keypad/swipe systems, IP based systems and biometric technologies. We can design an access control system to suit your requirements based on the level of control that your company wishes to achieve across the site.

Controlling entry to a site and managing permitted and restricted access to areas across the site will help protect staff, property, assets and intellectual property.

Other benefits of access control includes:

  • Increased auditability
  • Increased control of staff and visitor movements
  • Health and safety benefits
  • Payroll integration
  • Integration with CCTV and Intruder systems
  • They can be expanded across multiple sites whilst maintaining central control
  • Network or PC-based systems, smartcard technology and Biometric technology