Comprehensive warehouse security systems for Primeline Group

Guiding a large logistics organisation in ongoing improvements to security systems across its warehousing and distribution sites in Ireland.

Primeline Group is a large end-to-end logistics, storage and distribution business on the outskirts of Dublin. We won a competitive tender to work on a specific aspect of Primeline’s security system, but as we guided them through that process — offering our expertise, challenging preconceptions and putting agreed ideas into action — the project grew into a wider body of work.

We installed an Avigilon CCTV system to provide high quality CCTV images from across three sites. We installed a Siemens intruder alarm system and updated an existing 24-hour control room to a software-specific monitoring system.

Instant security monitoring

All aspects of Primeline’s security system are monitored through the single control room. The signals received in relation to its CCTV, intruder alarm or other systems are instant. We installed a fibre network to ensure that all security systems are internal and deliver immediate signals, giving Primeline rapid response times and greater control over its systems.

Throughout the installation process, we kept Primeline’s existing security systems running in tandem with our new systems to ensure there was no downtime or gaping holes in security. When the new security system was finished, we turned off the old system and completed the switchover.

Delivering security expertise and ideas

Over the course of our work in designing, installing and commissioning new security systems, Primeline came to value both the level of security expertise and ideas we brought to the project and the quality of the work when it came to delivering on those ideas.

As a result, we are still doing work with Primeline as it continues to look at new and innovative ways of improving its security measures.