Fire Systems

Keeping people and assets safe with well-designed fire alarm systems

We install and support a wide range of fire alarm systems that are designed to ensure early detection, escalation and response in order to save lives and protect properties. The technology may vary but the purpose is always the same: create fire detection and fire alarms systems that limit the damage caused by fire.


How we do that depends on your needs, the building structure and the use, legal and building control requirements, your insurance policies and relevant codes of practice. We install systems to detect smoke, heat or CO2  levels, and can integrate your fire alarm system with video or audio monitoring.

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    The right fire alarm for your requirements

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    Conventional fire alarms, with break glass and smoke alarms.

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    Analogue-addressable fire alarm systems, giving immediate information on the detection location.

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    Networked addressable fire alarm systems, comprising a network of multiple systems.

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    Air sampling or aspirating fire alarm systems for very early smoke detection.

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    Voice evacuation systems to encourage rapid detection, escalation and response.

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    Water mist sprinkler systems for immediate fire suppression.

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    Intrinsically safe fire alarm systems to reduce the risk of sparks and explosions in hazardous environments.

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    CO2 detection systems.

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    After a free inspection of the premises and listening to your needs, our engineers will be able to advise on a recommended fire alarm system for your building.

    Where applicable, all of our fire alarm and fire detection systems meet National Standards Authority of Ireland IS3218 and European EN54 standards.

    Why choose McElwaine Security for your fire alarm system?


    We have vast experience of fire alarm systems for residential and commercial properties. Since we started installing fire alarms in Northern Ireland 1996, we have built a wealth of experience that has seen us entrusted with undertaking fire alarm installations in Ireland’s leading retail chains, large apartment blocks and venues such as the RDS in Dublin. Call upon that know-how to get the right fire alarm systems for your buildings.