CCTV Systems & Monitoring

Greater control, coverage and clarity from your CCTV system

We design, install and support CCTV systems that are meticulously planned to control and minimise your organisation’s security risks.


The CCTV system we put in place will be strategically led by the risks facing your organisation. Our expert team will design, installation, commissioning, monitoring and ongoing maintenance to your needs. We have trained CCTV engineers available 24 hours-a-day, every day of the year, to support you.

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    CCTV monitoring for proactive crime prevention

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    Strategically positioned external devices for early detection and response.

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    Speaker systems to challenge intruders.

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    Keyholder or security response dispatch

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    Lone worker monitoring and duty of care support for on-site security staff

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    Integrated security systems combining your CCTV with access control and intruder alarms

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    Complete CCTV monitoring services through our own alarm receiving centre

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    Increased reliability, greater peace of mind


    CCTV is developing rapidly. We stay at the forefront of emerging technologies to help you deter and combat crime, improve detection rates and reduce running costs. Technology we can incorporate into your CCTV system includes:

    • Real-time video analytics to trigger an alarm when an intruder enters a restricted area.
    • Speaker systems so your CCTV operator can challenge intruders.
    • High resolution images for improved opportunities to identify and prosecute offenders.
    • Thermal imaging to locate intruders or conduct health screening.
    • Cloud storage to put an end to lost or wiped CCTV footage.
    • Software-based control systems to put monitoring, alerts and escalations at your operator’s fingertips.
    • People-counting technology, so you can track and monitor groups or crowds.
    • Object left or removed technology, so you can monitor suspicious objects or protect the things that matter most to your organisation.

    Why choose McElwaine Security for your CCTV system?


    We have more than a quarter of a century’s experience of designing, installing and supporting CCTV systems. During that time, we have installed CCTV systems in Ireland’s largest retail chains, town centres and public arenas, as well as private homes. Our approach is always the same: listen to you, survey the site, identify security risks, then draw upon our extensive experience to create a CCTV system tailored to mitigate those risks.

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