Access control

Protect your people and your assets with secure access control.

Keep intruders out and keep your team safe with an access control system that stops people getting into places where they shouldn’t be. We will design, install and support an access control system that is tailored to the level of security and control your organisation needs to achieve.


The right technology for the control you need

We create access control and door entry systems that incorporate many different tools and technologies. These include locks, proximity cards, keypads, swipe cards, smartphone apps, Bluetooth, internet protocol (IP) systems, facial recognition and other biometric technologies.

We are not tied to any or all of these technologies – our focus is always on installing an access control system that delivers the protection and peace of mind you need. Our access control systemssecure both internal and external doors, and can be integrated with CCTV, intruder alarm and multi-site monitoring for increased security.


Control staff and visitors’ movements

People wandering freely around your site increases the risk of crime, as well as health and safety issues. Use access control to create permitted and restricted access areas, which will protect staff, property, assets, health and safety protocol, and intellectual property.

Get an immediate picture of where people were, and when, to build valuable evidence in the event of prosecution or legal action. Alternatively, integrate the same technology with your payroll system to create smarter ways for your staff to clock on and off.    

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    Why choose McElwaine Security for your access control system?


    We have been working with our customers to design, install and support access control systems since 1996. This includes installing access control systems in Ireland’s top educational institutions and major retail chains. We are not tied to a single supplier or access control technology. We will survey the site, listen to your requirements, then use our extensive experience to design an access control system that gives you the right level of control