Controlling power station access for ESB

Designing and installing a security system to help the Electricity Supply Board restrict and monitor entry to one of its power stations.

Ireland’s state-owned electricity company ESB operates several power stations within its network. For commercial, security and safety reasons it is essential that the organisation maintains a tight control over who enters its power stations, as well as people’s movement around the site.

After winning a tender for the supply, design and installation of a security system, we were tasked with implementing an access control system and CCTV system at an EBS power station.

Detecting and analysing movements

We installed a CEM Tyco access control system, which incorporates turnstiles, barrier gates and swipe-card entry systems around the site to restrict entry and access to different parts of the power station.

The access control system was bolstered by an Emdyn (Emerging Dynamics) CCTV system. This powerful technology incorporates several useful detection and analytics features. Perimeter CCTV cameras around the large site immediately and automatically notify operators of potential intruders at the site perimeter. Inside, the CCTV system monitors who is on site, runs emergency reports, and assists evacuation and health and safety procedures.

Trusted infrastructure, cutting edge technologies

The power station’s security, health and safety protocols and intellectual property are now protected by an integrated security system that combines tried-and-tested security techniques with the latest analytics technologies to manage access to the site, entry to the power station and movement around the site.

The security system also serves to facilitate, manage and monitor the movements of staff and visitors around the power station.