Dramatically and cost-effectively improving Dunnes Stores’ CCTV system

Creating a scalable, efficient, high quality CCTV system to help one of Ireland’s largest retail chains deter and catch shoplifters.

Dunnes Stores approached us because it needed to upgrade its outdated CCTV technology. Having initially been briefed to undertake a brand new installation by the client, we proposed a hybrid system that would deliver comparable results at a fraction of the cost of a completely new installation.

We installed an Avigilon CCTV system, which uses signals from the existing CCTV cameras to maintain the current infrastructure. In critical areas of the shops, we installed new cameras to deliver lossless recording, but for the most part we were able to bring improved technologies to the existing network.

Massive improvements, minimal disruption

Working behind-the-scenes or outside of opening hours, we have carried out installations in a number of Dunnes Stores across Ireland.

The new system is scalable and future-proof. New cameras can easily be added, along with additional technologies, the core of the system can grow with Dunnes Stores and its requirements without the need for a complete overhaul.

Deterring criminals and capturing evidence

In-store security managers have told us that several well-known characters have been conspicuous by their absence since the new system was installed. Those that have not been deterred from committing crimes are now far easier to catch. Arrests are on the up, with the hybrid CCTV system now capturing HD video evidence and high-quality images, which can be used by Garda to identify offenders and support prosecutions.

All of this was achieved without the need for Dunnes Stores to undertake the expensive installation process it was expecting to embark upon.