Improving security and safety for O’Neills

Designing and installing an access control system to help sportswear firm O’Neills take control of health, safety and security at its factories.

Sporting goods manufacturer O’Neills had an access problem at its factories in Strabane. Multiple external doors dotted around its sites had no locking mechanism, which effectively meant anyone could come and go through side doors as they pleased. With production going on until late in the evening, this presented a major security risk.

We designed and installed a Paxton access control system to help O’Neills take charge of comings and goings at its factories. All staff were issued with ID swipe cards, which are needed to enter the building through any door.


Integrating access control with thermal imaging

At the main entrance, we’ve introduced a turnstile system to regulate the flow of staff into the site. As well as making it easier to monitor who is clocking in for work and when, the turnstiles are combined with a thermal imaging CCTV system to check staff temperatures.

The access control system immediately blocks swipe card access to anyone with a high temperature. A combination of the swipe card and cameras makes it easy to identify someone reporting to work with a high temperature, as well as those in close proximity to them.


The new security system has instantly made all five O’Neills buildings more secure, which helps to keep staff and stock safer.

The additional benefits of the thermal imaging footage have not only made track-and-trace processes far simpler for O’Neills, but also allowed the company to protect its employees, production schedules and profitability by preventing anyone with a high temperature from entering the site.