Protecting product and profit for Acheson + Glover

Using automatic number plate recognition to reduce thefts while maintaining efficiency at Acheson + Glover’s quarry.

Landscaping and construction company Acheson + Glover is dependent on a regular flow of materials from its quarry on the outskirts of Fivemiletown, Co Fermanagh, to feed its commercial activities.

Unfortunately, the ease and regularity of this flow extended to thefts from the quarry, with some members of the public driving into the quarry via the HGV access route, helping themselves to stone and driving off again without paying.


Business as usual but with tighter security

We installed a security barrier supported by a Hikvision CCTV and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system. The barrier automatically opens for lorries and staff vehicles that have had their number plates logged on the system. Unknown vehicles are denied automatic entry and must instead report to reception to gain access to the site — something that members of the public regularly do in order to collect orders.

The barrier system is also integrated with a weighbridge facility, so Acheson + Glover’s security team can monitor the weight of vehicles as they enter and exit the site as an extra security measure.

Huge reduction in thefts

As a result of the new security measures, instances of thefts from Acheson + Glover’s quarry have been reduced from a regular occurrence to almost zero.

The fact that this has been achieved without the need to slow down the regular workflow of a busy quarry is an extra bonus for the organisation. As well protecting assets that were being lost to criminal activity, the ANPR system ensures Acheson + Glover’s quarry staff can continue their commercial activities unaffected by the improved on-site security.