Upgrading a dated factory fire alarm system for Cooneen

Bringing a new, intuitive fire alarm and detection system to the expanded warehouse and offices of clothing business Cooneen.

Garment manufacturing firm Cooneen had outgrown its existing fire alarm system. After considerable growth, the uniform, protective gear and nightwear supplier had extended its commercial premises in 2010.

Its fire alarm system had been extended as part of the building works, but was beginning to creak under the strain. Cooneen was experiencing an ever-increasing number of faults and false alarms.



A fire system fit for purpose

Having worked with Cooneen on its security systems for more than a quarter of a century, we were brought in to design, install and commission a new fire alarm system that was fit for purpose in the larger site.
We upgraded the system to a new Advanced MX range fire alarm system with Apollo XP95 analogue addressable fire detectors. As part of the upgrade, we brought the fire alarm system for the whole factory into a single control panel.

Making life easier for keyholders

With the single control panel located near the front door, it is far easier for caretakers and keyholders to access or monitor the system to find out what is happening. Previously they may have needed to check multiple control panels before identifying a problem. We’ve also reduced the need to access the control panel with such regularity. With a fire alarm system that is tailored to the extended premises, there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of false alarms and faults on the system.